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One & One
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Real | QT
Blackout! Real | QT
Blackout! (Dub Mix) Real | QT
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Chelonis R. Jones - Blackout!
Tigersushi -
How To Kill The DJ (part one)
mixed by Ivan Smagghe

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Tigersushi Records
Catalog# TSRCD002
EAN 3700077665221



Chelonis R. Jones - One & One
Mezzanine De L'Alcazar Volume 3

Dinner Time (CD 1) mixed by Fabrice Lamy
Seduction Time (CD 2) mixed by Dyed Soundorom

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Pschent Music
Catalog# 3083752
EAN 3596971837525

Double CD


Chelonis R. Jones - One & One
Ultimate Garage

More Music
Catalog# 212MOM
EAN 4032989102679


"(...) This Is Emotive Vocal House Of The Highest Order. The Excellent New Pet Physical Marches On."
Revolution Records

"Following the massive Mandy & The Sunset People, Chelonis Jones graces the Get Physical label with
a quirky vocal cut that has the same sort of feel as Blake's "Saturday Night". On the backside we're
treated to a more off the wall Tony Senhhore styled cut with phychotic beats, manic vocal samples and
some cool melodic parts. Also included is a deep dub mix of this track."

Joyryde Records

"After the stunning DJ T release that was so highly received, Physical Music go deeper into the world of
house with New York artist Chelonis R. Jones. Three tracks, b1 is a low down electro/house cut simple
monotone bass stabs and high end tweaks. Jones gives a vocal narrative on a Green Velvet type tip.
All twisted stuff, but never out of hand. Second in steps to the minimal house rhythm, deep bass and
perfectly placed percussion but reworked well. The main track has one of those infectious rising bass
lines that you will want to listen to all day. Always moving this is high energy electro/house/disco, the
vocal is highly camp and seems to fit very well. Check it for yourself.
Bi-wire Records

"Get Physical basteln weiter an einer Old School affinen bouncenden Soundästhetik, irgendwo zwischen alten Chicago-Sachen und früher House-Euphorie. Der New Yorker Chelonis R. Jones wirft auf dem Titeltrack die funkelnde Discokugel an und zaubert einen bouncenden Vocalhit mit lustigen Acidbleeps und viel Raum für angenehm, souligen Kitsch. Die B-Seite rockt minimaler, darker und direkt ins Herz eines leicht delirenden Dancefloors mit gepressten Flüstervocals und allem, was man sich halt so wünscht um fünf Uhr morgens. Dazu gibt es dann noch einen Dub-Mix, der ruhiger Richtung Afterhour groovt."
sven.vt for DE:BUG

Blackout! is # 2 on the playlist of DJ and producer Brett Johnson.
check out his label

One & One climbed up the charts of "hr-xxl" radio Frankfurt, Germany.
the station

"(...) Ivan then takes the mix into some harder industrial sounds starting off with Chelonis R Jones' Blackout! - really strange freaky beats and tech stabs throughout - and following on with some Chicago house with Suck's Freak - which, thanks to the male vocals, can make you feel really freaky! (...)"
DJ Robotek @ Residentadvisor about HOW TO KILL THE DJ (part one)