His imaginative debut rides
the cultural cross-winds
between the U.S. and
Moving from surreal reveries
to sharp satire and brooding
Great songs with something
genuinely new to say.

Chelonis R. Jones's
debut is probably Get
Physical strangest
release yet... No matter
how often you come back
to it, the mystery always
seems to recede into the

Hier verbindet sich Song-
writing mit elektronischen
Elementen, und hier geht
es mal uplifting, mal ruhig
und mal dubbig und mal
deep zu. Chelonis zeigt die
gesamte Bandbreite seines
musikalischen Könnens.

Dunkel (...) wütend (...)
kraftvolle Stimme, kurz:
Wenn Poetry slamt.

'Genius' is an ambitious
work and a grand title that
underlies his desire to
provoke a reaction and to
attain recognition for his


Sicuramente uno degli album

It's an incredible record
- so emotional and rich...
it's one of the greatest
debut albums of the last
years, and touching.
//Christian Zingales

New York Drama Queen
Epic at its best!
//Booka Shade

Sadly it doesn't do the
damage that we'd hoped.

At long last, you can
sleep tonight happy in
the knowledge that your
fantasy hybrid of Prince
and Detroit house music
has finally come to be.
Throw open your windows
and scream for the whole
world to hear, "Chelonis R.
Jones has arrived, and I
have just pissed myself
with glee!”
/foxy digitalis

Bei Werken dieser Güte
bleibt mir einfach nur, ganz
demütig den Hut zu ziehen.
(...) dieses Album unter
keinen Umständen an sich
vorbeiziehen lassen. Killer!!!
/sub culture

A cutting edge electronic
album, which has sent
ripples of excitement
through the European


MOJO Music Magazine's 2005
Genre Albums of the Year!

Streitsüchtig, traurig,
ärgerlich, paranoid und
Diese Platte ist großartig,
weil sie nicht weiß was
sie will.
/Die Tageszeitung (taz)

Who'd have thought a
camp Lenny Kravitz
lookey-likey from the
US of A would deliver
one of the house music
LPs of the year? A heart
of pure punk, the voice
of an angel... and the
claws of a vicious

Yeah... I really love the
album, it's way ahead of
its time. Speechless...
had goosebumps. If you're
into weird electronic
sounds, and like the fact
that you don't know what
to expect or where a tune
is going, then you'll love
//Jamie Russell

Wer ist Chelonis R.
Jones? Schreiben,
komponieren, malen
und natürlich singen...
Vor allem anderen
aber provoziert Chelonis
- so richtig auf die

"Camera! Lights! Action!"
The words at the very
beginning of Jones's debut
Dislocated Genius herald
an ambivalent performance.
(...) Jones's talent is exciting
because it reaches from
pop melody to stranger
realms. (...) All hail the
Dislocated Genius of
Chelonis R. Jones's
electronic soul.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Gnarls
Barkley sure is c-c-c-crazy,
but it's Chelonis R. Jones's
wilder and more imaginative
Dislocated Genius that's been
lodged in my insane brain for
a couple months now.
Someone bring him to town!
//Johnny Ray Huston
/The San Francisco
 Bay Guardian

Americans have not made
a huge impact on the world
of German house, but one
of the genre's most
promising talents is from
the United States. With a
gorgeous voice that hearkens
back to the halcyon days of
Chicago house, Chelonis R.
Jones' debut album features
some of European dance
music's most genuinely
tender moments (...)
/Chicago Tribune

"Dislocated Genius" WILL NOT
go down in history.
//Yann Quélennec


"Dislocated Genius" svela
nuove fragranze a ogni
ascolto, nuovi squarci di
/Blow Up.

... this is fucking incredible.
Unique. I can't believe it. The
voice is different in each track.
... it's years ahead!
//DJ T.

Der Habitus des Welten-
bummler-Beatpoeten, den
Jones als Person ver-
körpert, wird hier in jeder
musikalischen Dimension
sehr gut vermittelt.

An iconoclastic vocalist
banishes bedroom techno
once and for all.
(...) There is a complex man
underneath these body-
rocking beats!

Fucking genius!
Amazing. So deep.
Soulful. Weird. It's art!
//Alex Dandi

A poet, singer and
producer, who is intent
on rattling the foundations
with his provocative,
unconventional music.

Dieses Album ist wahr-
scheinlich eines der
besten Get Physical
Releases der letzten

A unique electropop

Chelonis se souvient de
tout ce qui fait le génie
de la house made in USA.

Chelonis R. Jones is an
insane genius operating
on another plane of
existence (...) that's no
reason to be scared.
Come into his world.


(Thanks for those charming words... Now on with the show! )
updated 15-july-2006